Preventing abuse is preferable than reacting to abuse

We believe that preventing abuse is preferable than reacting to abuse, and where it is practicable to do so people who use our services are supported in safeguarding themselves from abuse.

Suitable arrangements are in place to ensure that young people and service users at risk of abuse are made aware of their rights through being given appropriate information, advice and support that enables them to live a life free from neglect, physical, emotional and sexual abuse.


We make every effort to promote the wellbeing, security and safety of service users at risk of abuse consistent with their rights, mental capacity and personal choices.

As an organisation we embrace the notion that Safeguarding is everyone’s business and all people who work or come into contact with our service users have a duty to protect them from abuse and to report all incidents, concerns or suspicions of abuse or neglect.


Vision Support Social Ltd has developed and implemented a robust Safeguarding Policy to support all our staff in ensuring that the dignity, quality of life and safety of our young people are safeguarded.


Our staff receive training on safeguarding, as mandatory and are fully aware of this policy and support the arrangements in place for the reporting and management of abuse.

The policy is updated regularly to ensure that it continues to be fully compliant with prevailing legislation.