Service User Involvement

Education and employment ambitions

All our young people in our services will have the opportunity to be supported to pursue their education and employment ambitions.

We will also support young people to carry out other activities, social or otherwise of their own choice.

Where necessary we would conduct Risk Assessments to ensure that the activity does not create issues for their personal welfare. We recognise the importance of social inclusion, and to develop this we offer community trips, shopping, and day trips to places of their interest, where the young person wishes we offer evenings that are specially arranged for their community group.

Young people will be informed beforehand and an agreement would have to be in place for activities that would incur a cost. We would include a list of activities that we would plan together with the young people to optimise their skills as well as maximising the opportunity to gain new and exciting skills.

Your views are Important to us

We believe that Service Users have a right to speak freely about how their house is organised, run and how services should be developed over time. In turn we commit to the following strategies to support service users’ involvement:

  • Monthly Service User Meetings;
  • Targeted Service User Consultations
  • Establish a Service User Involvement Police & Procedures;
  • Person Centred Support Planning;
  • Regular Reviews;
  • Use of Time-Specific Target (Service planning)
  • Annual Quality Assurance audits (questionnaires and surveys);