What we do

Meet the needs of young people

Our services are designed to meet the needs of young people all year round (365 Days on a 24-hour basis).

We provide outcome-based support which is person-centred and flexible to meet specific individual needs. Our approach allows us to deliver a range of structured activities depending on every individual’s support plan. We then match our staff with service users according to service users’ preferences and our staff skills mix.
Our core mantra is to ensure that every young person will be able to fulfil their potential through our person-centred planning that ensures their vision and aspirations are met.

Below is a summary of our service model:
• 24 Hour Support Service
• Trained Support Staff
• Outreach Support Services
• Semi Independent Placement Provision

At VSS, we prefer our young to be fully informed about our service before they make their choice, and where needed a family member/advocate would also have access to this information. Our aim is to ensure a smooth transition and seamless admission into our services whilst minimising inconvenience and chances of anxiety to the young person.